Complex Made Simple

ATF Medical is your total solution for all equipment, supplies and services that catastrophic workers’ compensation claims require. We specialize in complex care. While many companies concentrate on product lines, we deliver complete, outcomes-driven solutions for injured workers.

Workers’ Comp Expertise

Our specialists combine a deep understanding of workers’ compensation with in-depth knowledge of equipment and housing solutions to produce optimal outcomes.


We collaborate with you and leading manufacturers for clinically driven, outcomes-based Durable Medical Equipment solutions for all the claim’s needs.


Rapid response, clinically driven recommendations, continuous communication and a dedicated account manager takes work off your desk.


We are a nationally accredited provider focused on outcomes, serving injured workers throughout the US.

Most companies sell equipment,

ATF Medical equips a lifestyle.

Our workers’ comp expertise and outcomes-driven solutions provide a better quality of life for injured workers and cost savings for clients.


ATF provides comprehensive

tools to independence.

ATF Medical produces comprehensive solutions for maximum functionality.

  • Rehab technology
  • Mobility products
  • Adaptive housing solutions

Understanding workers’ compensation

sets us apart.

We’re experts in complex rehabilitation solutions – providing everything you need to produce successful outcomes in catastrophic cases.


What Do CRT and CRTS Mean?

Photo courtesy of Permobil August 15-19 is National CRT Awareness Week, a good time to talk about CRT and CRTS. CRT is a popular term that stands for all kinds of things, including cognitive rehabilitation therapy, critical race theory, and Certified Respiratory Therapist. But in our space, CRT refers to complex rehabilitation technology, which is medical equipment that is configured for a specific injured worker. The need for customization distinguishes CRT from out-of-the-box durable medical equipment like walkers. CRT equipment and devices are adapted and configured to meet the functional, medical, social and physical needs of a specific person. Many … Continue reading What Do CRT and CRTS Mean?

Visit ATF Medical at the Georgia Workers’ Comp Conference!

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Annual Educational Conference will be held August 29-31.  In person! The theme is Return of the Champions. And ATF Medical’s Champions Erin Zablocki and Rick Wyche will be there, exhibiting and talking about new rehab technologies and our Pressure Injury Prevention & Intervention program.  Visit our booth and spend some time with these experts to learn how you can avoid unnecessary costs with the right equipment and prevention techniques. We are also sponsoring the conference’s Kid’s Chance Masquerade Extravaganza with music, dancing, casino tables, and a silent auction. Please join us in supporting … Continue reading Visit ATF Medical at the Georgia Workers’ Comp Conference!

Preventing Pressure Injuries

Pressure injuries are painful and difficult & expensive to treat…and most are avoidable. An injured worker with a catastrophic injury has enough on their plate. The last thing they need is a painful pressure injury, also known as a wound, pressure ulcer or bedsore. Especially one that didn’t have to develop. And most pressure injuries are avoidable. ATF Medical’s Edwina Murphy discusses this in this WorkCompWire Leaders Speak article. ATF Medical offers a comprehensive, cost-effective Pressure Injury Prevention & Intervention (PIPI) program. For more information on the PIPI, please email Related Link: Prevent Pressure Injuries with ATF Medical’s new PIPI … Continue reading Preventing Pressure Injuries