We equip your injured workers
for the highest quality of life and stay
involved for the life of the claim.
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Complex Made Simple

ATF Medical is your total solution for all equipment, supplies and services that catastrophic workers’ compensation claims require. We specialize in complex care. While many companies concentrate on product lines, we deliver complete, outcomes-driven solutions for injured workers.

Workers’ Comp Expertise

Our specialists combine a deep understanding of workers’ compensation with in-depth knowledge of equipment and housing solutions to produce optimal outcomes.


We collaborate with you and leading manufacturers for clinically driven, outcomes-based Durable Medical Equipment solutions for all the claim’s needs.


Rapid response, clinically driven recommendations, continuous communication and a dedicated account manager takes work off your desk.


We are a nationally accredited provider focused on outcomes, serving injured workers throughout the US.

Most companies sell equipment,

ATF Medical equips a lifestyle.

Our workers’ comp expertise and outcomes-driven solutions provide better quality of life for clients and cost savings for providers.


ATF provides comprehensive

tools to independence.

ATF Medical produces comprehensive solutions for maximum functionality.

  • Rehab technology
  • Mobility products
  • Adaptive housing solutions

Understanding workers’ compensation

sets us apart.

We’re experts in complex rehabilitation solutions – providing everything you need to produce successful outcomes in catastrophic cases.


Don’t modify a home without an OT/ATP

Considering a home mod without clinical input? What could go wrong? Unnecessary changes and expenses? A shower chair that hangs out of the shower? Complete kitchen renovations and upgrades, when minor changes would work? ATF Medical’s Erin Zablocki tells you how to make sure your adaptive housing programs fit the injured worker’s condition and lifestyle in this WorkCompWire article.

No Commodities in Complex Care

WorkCompWire recently published Rick Wyche’s thought-provoking article on selecting sophisticated medical equipment for complex claims. “It’s not about the cost of a single item,” he says. “It’s about delivering a total solution – the right care, education and equipment to facilitate the highest levels of functionality, mobility and independence for a specific person.” How do you get there? It’s a  high-touch proposition, requiring clinical evaluation, in-depth product knowledge, and experience. Learn more here, and email Rick.

ATF Medical Response to COVID-19

Considering the unprecedented pandemic, we wanted to update you all on some changes we are implementing at ATF Medical. Our priority is safeguarding the health and well being of our employees and the patients we serve. As such, the following changes are in effect immediately: 1) ATF Medical has cancelled all non-essential travel and most of our staff are working remotely to help stop the spread. 2) We will be utilizing our tele-health video conferencing system whenever appropriate to diagnose and repair equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible. 3) When necessary, a technician may be deployed to assist patients … Continue reading ATF Medical Response to COVID-19