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Meet Katherine Nelson!

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Katherine Nelson just joined ATF Medical as Vice President of National Sales. She brings 30+ years of experience in workers’ comp ancillary services sales and account management. She started out in workers’ comp as a subrogation adjuster and later as a lost-time adjuster.

Katherine’s background spans nearly all phases of ancillary services. Most recently she was Director of National Accounts for The IMA Group, which provides case management and independent medical exam (IME) services. Previously she was with CompAlliance and its related CompDME and CompPBM companies, which among other things, manage catastrophic and post-acute care for injured workers.

Earlier, she was an Executive Vice President and an owner in Tampa-based Priority Care Solutions, where Jim Rogalsky was also an owner. She previously worked for Cypress Care, a pharmacy benefit manager that was acquired by Healthcare Solutions and later Optum. And she also worked for TechHealth, a specialized cost-containment company that is now part of OneCall.

But enough about the career history, here’s a Q&A to give you a better sense of our new colleague.

You’ve had a strong career in workers’ comp. What do you like about it?

I find satisfaction in being able to leverage my knowledge and skills to assist others. It’s fulfilling to know that I’m helping people navigate this complex industry and providing support and solutions that make a difference.

How did being an adjuster help you move into sales?

I learned how adjusters think as well as what they do. I mean, you’re an investigator and a medical person; there are so many roles adjusters play. This knowledge and experience help me anticipate what an adjuster might ask before they have to ask it. I understand and speak their language.

Trust is huge in this industry and memories are long. You need a good work ethic and you’ve got to take responsibility if things go wrong.

Staying top of mind is still important, too. It just got harder when people left the office to work from home. We had to get more creative. During the early months of COVID, I sent care packages with toilet paper, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and a little fob for pushing elevator and other buttons to adjusters’ homes.

Everyone was doing Zoom meetings and webinars, so you had to stand out. I once did a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” style webinar, stopping every few minutes to ask questions like “name five of our DME products.” Interactivity is key to a good presentation.

What do you like about the industry?

The relationships! So many of my clients and colleagues have become my closest friends. It’s a small industry and it’s easy to get to know people.

Also, it’s never boring. I started in subrogation and had to learn the legalities and investigative side of things. You can take two incidents with nearly identical injuries and see two cases veer in opposite directions.

It’s rewarding to help an injured worker return to some form of normalcy, I mean, life is never the same for a worker with a catastrophic injury. But some workers take the view that their life is not over and are motivated to try to get back to enjoying activities. And now there are so many marathons, competitions, all-terrain vehicles, and other advances that give them opportunities they just didn’t have years ago. Rehab technology is always progressing, too. There are new products, new features and lots of upgrades every year. Standing wheelchairs were a real breakthrough.

You live in Las Vegas, so do you see a lot of shows and hit the casinos?

My husband and I see many shows and especially the Cirque de Solei performances, but because we’ve been here so long, we tend to avoid the strip when we can.

What do you like to do for fun? Any interesting hobbies?

We have two grown children to visit, one in California and the other in Oklahoma, and we enjoy cruises – really anything water-related, jet skis included.

But my real hobby has been acting! Growing up, I was involved in skits at church and later became head of the drama department. And when I lived in California, I was involved in murder mystery dinner theater for several years. The mystery changed every five months or so between rehearsals and performances on Friday and Saturday so that and working full-time kept me busy.

Have you appeared in any movies we might have seen?

I was in Semi-Pro with Will Farrell, Moneyball with Brad Pitt, and Angels in the Outfield with Danny Glover; these are some. (Anyone else sense a sports theme, here?)

Katherine should fit in very well at ATF Medical. To welcome her, find out if she’s related to our Co-Founder Susan Nelson or learn if Brad Pitt is as handsome in person as on-screen, email her at knelson@atfmedical.com


Returning to work in a wheelchair

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

ATF Medical’s VP of Business Development Rick Wyche wrote this excellent piece for WorkCompWire, explaining how many workers who experience catastrophic injuries can recover and regain their places in the workforce.

As Rick points out, people can feel like a horrific accident is the end of the road, at least the end of their career.  And it used to be true for many.  But new medical treatment and other therapies, combined with new and vastly improved wheelchairs and other equipment, make returning to work in a wheelchair quite possible.  Read it here.


Karissa Watson has been promoted to Director, Adaptive Housing Solutions

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Join us in congratulating Karissa Watson on her promotion to Director of Adaptive Housing Solutions for ATF Medical.  In this role, Karissa and her sharp team of adaptive housing coordinators work closely with occupational therapists and Assistive Technology Professionals to design and implement home modifications.

“We collaborate to create a comprehensive solution that integrates the complex rehab technology and mobility equipment with any construction or other adaptive housing changes,” Karissa said.  Changes can involve reinforcing structures so that the home can handle the size and weight of the recommended equipment.

“We turn to our OT Melissa Smith to make sure the project is clinically appropriate for the injured worker’s condition and lifestyle,” Karissa added.

Collaborating with all the specialists involved enables ATF Medical to determine the best combination of adaptive housing and complex rehab technology to foster an injured person’s independence and mobility.

Karissa and our adaptive housing coordinators also identify contractors for projects, manage the projects, and oversee work to ensure adaptive housing solutions come in on time and within budget.

Home mods are challenging.  There are numerous elements to manage and deadlines to meet. Plus, there’s a need for frequent communication with many different stakeholders. Karissa appreciates ATF Medical’s technology that enables adaptive housing specialists to include injured workers and their caretakers in the process and keep them informed every step of the way.

“We’re also able to send case managers and claims reps regular updates.  No one has to wonder about the status of the project,” she said.

Since joining ATF Medical in 2019, she has earned the Certified Environmental Access Consultant (C.E.A.C.) and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) certifications.  She is committed to growing in her profession!


Adapting a home that doesn’t belong to an injured worker

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Modifying a home for a seriously injured worker is complicated. There are contractors, permits, medical equipment, and diverse construction methods and materials to consider.  Collaborating with medical equipment specialists is a must. And you need buy-in from the injured person and their caretakers.  There are a lot of moving pieces and places where things can go wrong.

Add the extra layer of dealing with the person or organization that OWNs the home and complications mount.

Nearly 40% of US adults rent and no telling how many others live in places they don’t own. Think about young adults still living with their parents. Or a seriously injured single adult who needs to move back in with Mom and Dad.

ATF Medical’s CEO/President and Co-founder Sid Glover goes through the complexities of modifying an “other-owned” home in his recent WorkCompWire article. And he provides suggestions for overcoming these barriers to a safe, accessible environment for the injured worker.

Great information and well-worth the read. Check it out here.

Jim Rogalsky Assumes Role of SVP of Rehab Technology & Adaptive Housing

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

As ATF Medical continues its growth, Susan Nelson-Glover, COO, CFO, who co-founded the company with Sid Glover and is its co-owner, wants to ensure that the company’s operations can efficiently accommodate increased volume.

“If you want more business, you have to be more,” she said. “At this stage of our development, we need an experienced leader to take us to the next level.”

Jim Rogalsky has that exact experience. He has served as an exec and owner in fast-growing workers’ comp companies for the past 30+ years.  Here’s a news release on his background.

With a new title of Senior Vice President of Rehab Technology/Adaptive Housing, Jim will apply lessons learned over the years to ATF Medical’s service delivery.  Tag James Rogalsky on Linked In or email jrogalsky@atfmedical.com to congratulate, connect or reconnect with him.

Grace Carter has been promoted to SVP, Finance & Operations!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Grace Carter has just received a well-deserved promotion at ATF Medical. In her new role as Senior Vice President of Finance & Operations, she oversees the company’s finance and operations team, which includes human resources and information technology and manages security, privacy and accreditation.

Grace came to ATF Medical over 10 years ago from Washington Post Media, where she served as Manager of Credit and Collections. Her earlier career included positions in banking, customer service, and financial revenue accounting.

With her strong administrative background and extensive accounts receivable experience, Grace added value to the company immediately. Not surprisingly, CEO/President Sid Glover and Susan Nelson, COO who co-founded ATF Medical, tapped into her organizational skills and proven ability to review and document policies and procedures. It is also no surprise that this is Grace’s fourth promotion with the company.

“Grace helped us develop the systems and policies needed to support the company’s growth,” Susan said. “We are so grateful to have her and proud to have her on our team of senior executives.”

Congratulate Grace by emailing her a gcarter@atfmedical.com or tagging Grace on Linked In.


ATF Medical Celebrates Insurance Careers Month

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Join ATF Medical in celebrating Insurance Careers Month this February!

Insurance, including workers’ compensation, is designed to protect companies and consumers from risk and provide access to health care services. Some people consider insurance boring. Not so! Illustration of insurance professionals with ATF Medical logo and Insurance Careers Month

It’s a dynamic industry with a wide variety of opportunities. If you’re tech-savvy, positions include data analytics, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. For the organized folks dedicated to streamlining processes, there are careers in operations. Of course, accounting and finance play important roles. Sales, marketing, public relations, and the all-important customer service departments are options for people with good verbal, written and people skills.

And, if your passion is helping seriously injured people regain strength, mobility, and independence, ATF Medical’s space in the rehab technology area is incredibly rewarding.  See our career page for more info.

If you have a family member or friend looking for a new career, remind them of the different types of positions available in the insurance industry.

ATF Medical Launches Continuing Education Series for Case Managers

Tuesday, January 16th, 2024

Newnan, Georgia (January 16, 2024) — ATF Medical, a national provider of complex equipment and adaptive housing programs in the workers’ compensation industry, has launched its “Making Complex Simple” educational series for case managers. Each of the three free courses in Quarter 1 offers a one-hour continuing education credit for Certified Case Managers and State Nursing licenses.

Designed for professionals who manage complex and catastrophic workers’ compensation claims, the courses dive into different aspects of complex rehab technology and home modifications.

“We believe it’s critical to provide credible education on these complex products and services to our partners,” said Brendan Swift, Vice President, Payer Partnerships & Marketing. “Ongoing advancements in technology drive the need for continued education and awareness. This series is just another way ATF Medical works to provide support, communication and knowledge to our partners, nationwide.”

Making Complex Simple – Quarter 1 Courses:

Introduction to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) / January 31, 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT

Selecting the optimal power wheelchair for a specific injured worker with an overview of the types, features, and uses of equipment.

Registration link: https://atfmedical.zoom.us/webinar/register/9217049082209/WN_WWJCqRamRvyBakQhYVsE3A


Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs / February 28, 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT

Avoiding health risks associated with long term wheelchair use and multiple clinical and psychological benefits when standing features are added to wheelchairs. Registration link: https://atfmedical.zoom.us/webinar/register/4517049083588/WN_kyIvArIyTheXuaqy-HILHA


Introduction to Home Modifications / March 27 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT

Providing safety, accessibility and mobility to the injured worker after discharge. Adaptive housing products, methods, common pitfalls, ways to avoid unnecessary costs. Registration link: https://atfmedical.zoom.us/webinar/register/1417049084472/WN_CGCKZPQ3QsWtlClyDsVyEQ

Plans call for holding free educational webinars each month. Open to all workers’ comp professionals, each course makes a one-hour continuing education credit available for Certified Case Managers and State Nursing licenses in all 50 states. ATF Medical partnered with the CEU Institute to provide the CEUs. For more information on the courses, credits or registration, please contact Abbi Akstulewicz at aakstulewicz@atfmedical.com

 About ATF Medical  ATF Medical (After the Fall, Inc.) the premiere workers’ comp complex equipment and adaptive housing provider, supplies fully integrated mobility and accessibility solutions for workers’ compensation payers and injured workers nationally. The company specializes in complex cases and coordinates all rehabilitation and accessibility needs, including home modifications and vehicle modifications. Based in Newnan, Georgia, ATF Medical can be reached via www.atfmedical.com or by calling 877-880-4283.

# # #

Media Contact: Helen King Patterson, APR, King Knight Communications, 813-690-4787, helen@kingknight.com


Veterans Day Salute

Friday, November 10th, 2023

This Veterans Day, we honor one of our own: Mike Bales, ATP, CRTS.

Between 1984 and 1988, Mike served as a U.S. Marine in Field Artillery, completing several tours of duty in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the Far East. A month after his honorable discharge, he entered the medical equipment field and moved into rehabilitation in 1998.

Now with ATF Medical, Mike works directly and indirectly with injured workers, mostly in the Appalachian coal mining regions of Virginia, near West Virginia. He provides invaluable mobility solutions for older coal miners and other workers.

Mike, we deeply appreciate your service, both as a Marine and as a Rehab Specialist. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and contributions.

Full-Scale Kitchen Modification on Display at Shepherd Center’s Annual Vendor/Partnership Fair

Friday, October 13th, 2023

From the left: ATF Medical’s President and CEO Sid Glover, Territory Manager Curt Moreen, ATP, CRTS, Karissa Watson, CAPS, CEAC, our Manager of the Adaptive Housing Solutions team, and Rick Wyche, ATP, CEAC, our Executive Director of Business Development.

ATF Medical has partnered with the amazing team at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center for over 15 years.  So when Shepherd invited us to participate in its annual Vendor/Partner fair, we wanted to do something special to showcase our adaptive housing services.

two men building the frame for a kitchen dispaly

Our President & CEO Sid Glover, ATP, CRTS, CAPS, ECHM took charge of the project.  He considered and decided against several options before deciding to replicate a real kitchen mod. He sourced, purchased, and even helped assemble a full-scale home modification display.


The kitchen cabinets and appliances are positioned for an injured worker who uses complex mobility equipment. This life-sized exhibit allows our clinical partners, clients, and injured workers to truly experience how a kitchen modification can positively impact patient outcomes!

To receive maximum value from our services, client partners collaborate with our adaptive housing AND complex rehab teams.  This way, injured workers obtain the equipment and the modifications that set them up to achieve the highest levels of independence and functionality.  And payers receive cost-effective solutions.

Continue reading Full-Scale Kitchen Modification on Display at Shepherd Center’s Annual Vendor/Partnership Fair


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