Horizontal shot Jim Rogalsky

Jim Rogalsky Assumes Role of SVP of Rehab Technology & Adaptive Housing

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

As ATF Medical continues its growth, Susan Nelson-Glover, COO, CFO, who co-founded the company with Sid Glover and is its co-owner, wants to ensure that the company’s operations can efficiently accommodate increased volume.

“If you want more business, you have to be more,” she said. “At this stage of our development, we need an experienced leader to take us to the next level.”

Jim Rogalsky has that exact experience. He has served as an exec and owner in fast-growing workers’ comp companies for the past 30+ years.  Here’s a news release on his background.

With a new title of Senior Vice President of Rehab Technology/Adaptive Housing, Jim will apply lessons learned over the years to ATF Medical’s service delivery.  Tag James Rogalsky on Linked In or email jrogalsky@atfmedical.com to congratulate, connect or reconnect with him.