female case manager sitting next to young man in power chair on a bench

Appreciating Case Managers

Monday, October 9th, 2023

Oct. 8-14 is National Case Management Week and ATF Medical celebrates ALL case managers –and especially those who work on catastrophic workers’ compensation files.

Catastrophic case managers have demanding and multifaceted roles. Their injured workers have experienced life-changing injuries and need complex care, sophisticated medical equipment and a guide through the maze of treatments and services.

Not only do case managers help injured workers navigate a bewildering healthcare system they help them navigate an equally confusing workers’ comp system. Because case managers also provide emotional support and education, their workers’ comp patients come to rely on them, and often build close friendships with them.

When handling catastrophic claims, case managers form collaborative relationships with treating physicians and other medical service providers focused on a shared goal of bringing injured individuals into as much independence and functionality as possible.

Case managers take a proactive approach to the workers’ care, helping avoid unnecessary procedures, hospital visits, and medications. They evaluate treatment plans and advocate for appropriate cost-effective solutions, without compromising quality.

When their workers’ comp patients need complex rehab technology and/or home modifications, many case managers choose to work with ATF Medical.

Here’s what Catastrophic Nurse Case Manager Jeanine Zukerman, RN, CCM has to say:

“The assistive technology professionals at ATF Medical collaborate with case managers to ensure delivery of optimal product solutions for individuals with complex health care needs. Trained specialists with product knowledge and experience explain the benefits of adaptive medical equipment and provide service that specifically meets the individual’s needs.”

Jeanine Zukerman, RN, BSN, CCM
Network Advisor
Rehabilitation Advisors

We appreciate Jeanine and the other strong and supportive case managers active in workers’ compensation. Thank you!