Quantum Rehab Introduces its First Rear-Wheel Drive in more than 10 years!

Friday, September 29th, 2023

Rehab magazine ran an article on Quantum Rehab’s new R-TRAK power chair. It’s the company’s first rear-wheel drive in more than a decade.

In the ‘90s only rear-wheel drives and front-wheel drives were available for powerchairs, according to our Senior Rehab Specialist Kevin Wallace, ATP, CRTS. For a while, fewer rear-wheel drive powerchairs were available and with their 27.5” turning radiuses, rear-wheel drives were considered to operate best for outdoor use.

“With a turning radius of roughly 20.5” chairs with mid-wheel drives can maneuver better in the tighter spaces of a home or office,” Kevin said.

It seems the pendulum is starting to swing again, and more people are requesting rear-wheel driving systems as technologies become more enhanced. This new R-TRAK has a 24.2” base so it can work inside as well as outside.

“It’s important to remember that all three types of bases drive differently,” Kevin said.  “An injured worker could face challenges when switching from one to another.”

When considering sophisticated powerchairs ATF Medical’s specialists conduct thorough evaluations of the workers’ comp patient’s condition, goals, home and/or workplace before recommending a specific powerchair.  If you have questions or need assistance with powerchair or other complex rehab technology, connect with kevin.wallace

Here’s the article: