Tanya Smith

Talking to Tanya, ATF Medical’s New Support Coordinator

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Tanya Smith is our very new Support Coordinator in Rehab Technology who joined ATF Medical in early November 2021. You may have worked with her when sending over a referral for a mobility solution. She helps process orders, track down parts, and coordinate virtual and in-home technician appointments. And, most important, Tanya makes sure our patients get to the right people for the answers to their questions.

While she has held relevant administrative and customer service positions over the past decade, this is the first time Tanya has worked from home. Assisting our Rehab Technology coordinators, claims representatives, and especially our patients has opened her eyes and heart to the challenges faced by workers coping with complex injuries. Switching out a cushion, adjusting a seat, or obtaining a different lift–not to mention understanding and empathy–can change their lives.

Most recently, Tanya was an administrative assistant with Community Connections in Tennessee. Among her duties was serving as a liaison with the state’s Department of Intellectual Disabilities. She assisted case managers with patient requests and compiled and prepared data reports while also researching, purchasing, and managing the deliveries of various products.  Not so different than what she does here, right?

With her strong organizational skills and an excellent attention to detail, Tanya has also been a Customer Experience Specialist and a Logistics Coordinator, perfect experience for her new role with ATF Medical.  Join us in welcoming Tanya as a new member of our ATF Medical family, by emailing tsmith@atfmedical.com.