Welcoming ATF Medical’s Newest Rehab Coordinator, Elisa Piech

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Joining ATF Medical felt like “coming full circle” to Elisa Piech. She started her workers’ comp career 13 years ago with Total Medical Solutions (TMS), where she worked with Erin Zablocki, now our Executive Director of Rehab Technology.  TMS was acquired by MSC, which was later acquired by One Call Care Management, and Elisa moved along with the changes and challenges.

Now, she says, “It’s great to work with Erin again and be part of ATF Medical. It feels like family. The people have the same caring mentality as we did at TMS.”

Yes, workers’ compensation is a small world with strong connections.

Elisa is a Rehab Coordinator II who mainly works on the patient/injured worker side of the spectrum. Her first step is to contact the injured workers and verify information, like height, weight, physical location.

“We want to get as much background upfront so we can provide the most appropriate devices,” she said.

Just as important, reaching out like this lets injured workers know someone cares and that they have someone to contact with their questions. “We’re not just some call center staffed by automatons,” Elisa stressed. “We talk to patients and take time with them and help them understand what’s happening with their medical supplies and equipment.”

She also arranges for an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) or Occupational Therapist (OT) to conduct a thorough evaluation when the case is complex. “So many patients need highly specialized equipment,” she said. “If one spec on a powerchair is off, it can throw off everything. ATPs and OTs make sure that the tilt or recline feature–whatever it is–is tailored for that particular person with that specific injury.”

After gathering information from ATPs, OTs and their evaluations, Elisa prepares a quote with a narrative that explains why certain equipment has been recommended. Communicating regularly with adjusters, nurse case managers, and equipment manufacturers, she obtains approval from TPAs and carriers and ensures the ordering, delivery, and fitting of equipment goes smoothly.

The key to success in this position, Elisa says, is to let the injured worker know that you care. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job, Elisa was quick to answer, “Helping people. And here I can.”

Please welcome Elisa to ATF Medical by emailing her at epiech@atfmedical.com.